Houston Balloon Decorating
From big to small events we have decorated Houston for 12 years and counting.

Have you been to a Big Event at Reliant Center or witnessed a great performer or a great character at a birthday party? If yes, then it is time for us to get the show started. For the past 12 years, we were bringing the Fun for all of the Houston area and surrounding cities. We can bring the Fun for Grand openings, Corporate Parties and many more. There are a lot of corporations are still satisfied with our service.

Event Balloon Decorating

From the Toyota Center to Weddings

We love working with event planners to make their event come together. Click here to look at more of our Balloon Decorating Projects.

Balloon Drops - To make the Finale Awesome, we create the best balloon drops that you can't ever imagine. It includes animal twist balloons, balloon shapes and etc for the drops, Rounds in every color and size, and Delivery + Setup is included.

Large Sculptures 5' - 10' Mosaics, Crosses, Bunny, Clown, Bride & Groom, Pumpkin/Spiders, Grape clusters, Bluebonnets, Cowboy, Heart shape, Logos and many more. We construct sculptures to suit any party theme and room decor.

Arches - We also enhance doorways, dance floors, stages & high ceilings to make the event stunning. From indoor to outdoor, no attachment required.


In every occasion, we and balloon artist creates unique balloons, bouquets and more, to make the event unique and original followed by our hilarious singing telegrams (Gorilla/Chicken/Teddy Bear) for something they'll Never forget.

Table Pieces - Color schemes are light, bright and inviting with balloon centerpieces to make the dull room welcoming.