Princess Parties

Please note that these characters are look-a-like characters and are therefore not licensed or affiliated with any other originating companies.

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Cinderella (look-alike) - Release a memorable story with a visit from Cinderella. This classic tale talks about the rags to riches story with games, awesome magic and a funny habitual on how to manage with stepsister's chores. Will she find her prince charming? Will her car transform into a pumpkin? Discover this and much more. Add up Prince Charming for a slight romantic story.

Sleeping Beauty (look-alike) - After a century, one kiss from the prince and she will smile again! Sleeping Beauty execute magic tricks and play fun games without breaking any nails!

Barbie - Barbie is alive! This Barbie (look-alike) accommodates with fashion doll magic and makeovers for little girls and cool macho tattoos for the boys, beach games, special prizes and a treat for the celebrant are included in her 1 hour show. She's absolutely a doll.

Snow White (look-alike) Get the true story from Snow White herself about harassing witches, mirrors that shouldn't speak back and too many dangerous apples. Magic and dwarf relay are all included in this sensational storytelling venture.