Holiday Characters

Frank N. Stein - Frank is an approachable Halloween monster and a great charm for all your Halloween events. He can be a walk around or present magic and tricks. He is the on Frankenstein that has his own face performance and was voted as The best Halloween makeover in 1999
Scooter Elf - A fellow that can assist Santa, create balloons or perform a Christmas magic performance. Scooter Elf is cool and lively and best addition to your Christmas party.
Santa - A jolly fat man with a beard and a red suit who brings presents to children on Christmas Eve.
Easter Bunny - Hop - Hop - Great hopping for your egg hunt or special event. Early booking is the best because we've got one Easter Rabbit!

The Court Jester - This fellow is geared up for Mardi Gras or Renaissance parties or for kids who are frightened of clown makeup. He has a great show with full of magic, juggling and probably balloon statue and living animals.


We also have an excellent stilt walking entertainers for Mardi Gras and selected can play juggling and magic.