The Following characters are look-a-like characters only and these are not licensed, affiliated with the originating companies.

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Sponge Bob -Look-a-Like SpongeBob SquarePants is an energetic and optimistic sea sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea with his pet snail, Gary, who meows like a cat. SpongeBob and friends are now in the journey to meet and greet your friends at your party!

Jack Sparrow - This intelligent pirate will make your event more fun especially on birthdays, children's parties, promotions and many more.

 LMFAO Look-A-Like

LMFAO is now ready to make your party rock with his unique shuffling style and large cardboard-box helmet made to look like a robot (Shuffle Bot). Also available as a Singing Telegram. Check our Singing Telegrams Page. Sims - The Amazing Crowd Favorite Cowboy Juggler will make your event more entertaining to his dazzling performance.

A Whirlwind of Jugglery & Costumery for All Occasions Stunts - Artful Antics - Sophisticated Foolishness

Audience Involvement - Age Appropriate Comedy

Witness his amazing acts like his Incredible Juggling, Objects that spin, Roll & Balance, Lighted Balls, Flaming Torches and Many more!

Austin Powers (look-alike) - The British secret agent Austin Powers are ready to party and teach you his groovy dance moves with his clothing style including crushed velvet suits and Beatle boots. Great for walk-arounds and singing telegrams.


Edward Scissorshands - An uncommonly gentle young man, who happens to have scissors for hands. Great for walk around for parties and singing telegrams

Ace Ventura - The low-rent private eye Ace Ventura "Pet Detective" is great for walk around and singing telegrams for parties, events and many more.
Elvis - The Multi-platinum awards, The King of Rock and Roll with a sound and unique style is great for walk around and singing telegrams. Listen to his all time favorite Love me tender, Heartbreak Hotel, Hound Dog and many more. The celebrant will receive a souvenir and a memory of a lifetime.

Amelia Bedelia (look-alike) - Meet Amelia Bedelia, The literal-minded Housekeeper! Best Show for Schools and many more. Click on Amelia for larger images. Click Here for Flyer

Captain Feathersword and Dorothy - Look-a-Likes - Captain Feathersword is by far the friendliest and nicest Pirate that ever sailed on the sea and Dorothy the Dinosaur is a Rososaur with surprisingly scary teeth. She's green, with yellow spots, wears a floppy hat with a rose and She loves eating roses, singing with children, singing Romp Bomp a Chomp and running around! These characters are the best show for your party and younger kids will surely love it.

Ninja Turtle look-a-like - The Ninja Turtle is back in action performing his martial arts to fight the enemy. The turtle has also been trained in the art of Ninjitsu and are experts on hand to hand combat and in using many different kinds of weapons. Great for walk around for your event
Winnie the Pooh's look-a-like - Winnie the Pooh is a small golden bear, stands at nearly 22 inches tall and wears an old red color T-shirt. This bear is undoubtedly the worlds most loved and revered bear. Pooh will bring all the kids to an exciting adventure in the 100 acre wood. Tigger the Bouncy Animal (the Puppet) starts the show and let the kids find Pooh. It is time for the kids to find Pooh in Christopher Robins High Ground and a contest awaits for those who venture into his world. Tigger and Eyore are also available for solo or duos for your event
Elmo look-a-like - Elmo is a little red dynamo with a positive attitude! He loves to sing, dance and play games with kids and prizes awaits for everyone. Cookie Monster and Big Yellow Bird look-a-likes are also available to come and play!
Dora look-a-like - Will you help Dora on her back pack map adventure? Great theme shows with fun games, music and prizes awaits for kids.

Barney look-a-like - Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination. The Dinosaur sensation! Barney's theme show starring your child will make your party musical and magical. Invite all of your friends to every-ones favorite purple dinosaur!

Amazing Spiderman Look-a Like- Your friendly neighborhood called The Amazing Spider-man will reveal his amazing secrets to the kids on his amazing show. Witness his amazing skills, abilities and power. "Great power comes great responsibility"

Robert Duke as Cowboy Bob Trick Roper - The Best of the Wild West trick roper Robert Duke aka Cowboy Bob will show you his best doing his trick ropes, whip cracker, bullwhips and gun spinning. He has performed for many events and won the best freestyle whip cracking championship in Dallas last 2001.

Experience a part of the old west in true cowboy style. Click here for more about Bob!

Boba Fett (look-a-like) - Boba Fett is the best bounty hunter in the galaxy. He will surprise all the guest as a bad hunter with his realistic Light Saber then becomes a friendly jedi. He will perform Jedi's magic tricks as he teaches the kids a good moral lesson. Experience star wars fun games and rewards await for all.

Charlie Chaplin "Little Tramp Character" - Charlie Chaplin has a tramp with toothbrush mustache, undersized bowler hat and bamboo cane who struggled to survive while keeping his dignity in a world with great social injustice. His Highly descriptive facial expressions will be done by a very talented mime.

Captain Jack Flash - The friendly pirate will perform his great magic, juggling of swords and exciting fun games and prizes await for all ages and balloon swords for all.

Ninja Joe - Expert for safe karate, discipline and fun. An expert performer in rope magic and awesome escape trick. A professional juggler using swords and fire (if in a safe place). He plays and very generous in giving prizes for all the children. He also teaches them the amusing Kung Fu Dance.

Billy Idol (look-alike) - Make the B-day "Rock'in" or listen to his "Rebel Yell". Billy Idol is full of power and attitude. This is the great addition to those who want to rock their wedding or for rock hard fanatics. Everyone will ask for more, more, more for Billy Idol!

Ernie the Engineer - The friendly engineer will execute his great magic, juggling, unicycling and make a balloon sculpture that will be given away for everyone. For Thomas the Train Lovers, Ernie is on the right track.
Star Trek Commander - The Lieutenant Commander is the best for all those star trek fanatics. Be amazed on his space magic and/or balloons. The commander is great to walk around for your event.